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TeachIn2 Resources

The TeachIn2 team is collaborating on building three different “tracks”.

Some UU churches lean towards being intellectual, academically inclined places; others are full of activists, and still others are places that “love church,” but are hesitant to enter the waters of the social justice and most are a mix of all three.


The assessment tool helps those planning your congregation’s Teach-In to choose a track. Then the resources are curated into supporting each of those tracks. Try to focus on the track that will best utilize your congregation/community strengths. And you are welcome to mix and match!


Webinars, Sunday morning worship, children’s chapel, religious education, high school youth, and other resources, lesson plans and more are coming soon!

Use this tool to help determine which TeachIn track your congregation should follow : Worship/Spirituality    Education     Activism

Then use the links below to find those specific TeachIn track materials

​​What would you find if your congregation spent time and energy understanding it’s history in the context of race?

Unity Church in St. Paul, Minnesota conducted a racism audit about their own congregation.

It was done a while ago and is helpful in seeing a congregation understand it’s history with respect to racism and geography.

After reading this, consider if your congregation would be willing to undertake this process.

Take a look at what the TeachIn Education team has brought together!

The TeachIn Worship team has created an amazing resource, check it out here!

Activism TeachIn track resources coming soon!

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